Samsung un60eh6000 The biggest complaint about this series is provided by some of the reality is that it only has 2 HDMI ports. And that can be a problem for some. But if you can control the gears (like me) through the receiver, A / V, you only need one HDMI going to TV anyway. If you connect all your HD equipment to your TV, and you have more than 2 sets of HDMI, the TV is not for you, find another one. So it is enough only 2 HDMI ports.

Yes, some people say that the un60eh6000 TV with features such as internet, oh, you, oh, oh, oh, loaded. But if you have a Blu-ray player, do not have it on your TV pure.Compriamo some Blu-ray discs that we like. So pretty Internet is the program of blood.

The picture quality of this TV is amazing. uniformity of the backlight, especially in the pitch black, and the background is completely black and white, is wonderful. Robust total darkness with no light at all ... Anywhere on the screen, the edges and corners. I saw a TV that can not be compared in this respect.

It 'a set of manual controls complete with video and tweaks, and some advanced ones or three pre-programmed ways that you can still get to edit. You do not need a TV maker says it is good, although the Samsung is so damn good, right out of the box to solve. "Dynamic" mode is a bit 'contrast for my taste though. However, it is easily editable.


The front panel of the TV is as thin as they are on TV LCD / LED. Some say that it is a TV in the depth wise dense reeds, according to the TV LED, but still very thin compared to my 3 year old Sony 52 "LCD, which was a tank.

The voice on the other LCD / LED thin. You can not leave these things are great speakers, tell the truth. Slim with a small bezel means a thin, small speakers. If you are listening through a surround sound (I and anyone with a "home theater system" for it), it does not matter.

The remote is a bit 'small, but it can be backlit buttons in the dark, long time.

I only have the TV in a brick and mortar store for $ 1199, which I think is a bad deal acquistato.Quanto was in dark scenes in movies like "Pirates of the Caribbean" films, each of the "Batman" movies and "Aliens" and the movie is full very dark scenes. LG can handle does not do it, but Samsung was proud of them ... deep blacks are still some details.

I think that the TV online where someone has not done 24Hz film mode. It 's definitely .... Bloody 24 kHz. The things that people say they do not believe the reviews. (Except for my LOL)is this.Picture settings in my review that I previouly announced the setting (in plug and play "environment card solution) is" the set was done.

However, I found something very interesting. If 'set' you Environmental Solutions 'Off' to change radically changed the image. When you first preferences to turn off ", the picture becomes very clear. However, is not as bad as you think. While to select a 'eco solutions, and taste.

In this case, my goal from the beginning was clear that, under most amazing Samsung un60eh6000 had offers that include a black, nice, not, bright colors, not as a stereoscopic 3D effect that sometimes you know, all the while never having to change channels or sources, no matter what the room lighting as much as possible. I think I can in this effort.

If you choose to set the bar plug and play settings under "sustainable solutions' off, then try these settings. I recommend that you set the first image. This is located under the image settings.


The settings of television pictures, I set the standard image mode, the backlight set to 10 ', the contrast set to 80', brightness at 45 ', a series of 50 "brightness, color, 50 color (G / R) to 50/50 has been set. Depending on the settings on the Advanced tab ', set Color Space contrast "native" dynamic low-tone black' to 'dark' (and here that is a big change), and a flesh tone -3 moving 'off'. Picture settings on the Options tab, I set the color of the disorder 'standard' digital filter automatic ', HDMI black level to low, automatic film mode', automatic movement clearer LED Moving addition to the "off" .


This is located under the image settings.

Using the standard settings of the display mode for everything, I made the following changes. In the Image Settings "are in front of 100 to 85. Under Advanced Settings, I set the native color space dynamic contrast medium to dark shades of dark and light in motion" in the following image options', I painted in the standard, Auto Digital Noise Filter, HDMI black level on the low-Movie Mode, Cars, motorcycles, cars lighter and LED Motion Plus off '.


REVIEW item:


At first, I did not purchase this TV from Amazon. However, I like Amazon and I love this un60eh6000 Samsung TV!




This TV is beautiful and wonderful and solid shake my receiver. And 'surprisingly smooth http://un60eh6000hdtv.com sounding speakers that I can finally hear me over the loud AC. The colors are vibrant, alive, true and correct. The image can, at times, looks like a 3D TV while watching some of the movies. Turn on and off quickly, and the sound is sweet. It 'almost a backlit remote, which features a button is a dream. On the edge of network technology is not used or ARC. Hey!



I had a heck of time tweaking this collection. At first, it seemed kind of light, "reality" is. My circle of people thought it was a cool thing. However, I hated it with a passion, and the last two weeks trying to get rid of it.

Change all the difference in the world and now there is no uniformity among all sources. Video, Blu-ray disc or video cables and cable shows official website, including news and cables, everything looked the way they are intended.


I'm trying to find the best TV for the money, I found that many of today un60eh6000 LED TV with the "soap opera effect is stimulating., In a sense, it is understandable. Spettacoliintorno their transmission networks to the edge. Well, you know, I think this TV is easily thin enough, takes up surprisingly little space to look beautiful and bold.


In the end I made the change, counter-intuitive, as the only choice is to change, and then it took me two weeks to get it right. I have a degree, but it seems to me that it took me two weeks to change the TV, Samsung could and should do before it on the shelf. They know, or should know the different variations of light through various media. Samsung un60eh6000 not be rocket science.


You just have to change. I wrote it so that the next person to get discouraged and want it now. It is a big mistake. I get angry with myself to come back, because the fact that it was at the station and the particular format. In my opinion, increase the speed it should have done the trick and solve the lighting problem. This is, after all, belongs to my HDTV quarter, a complete range of Sony XBR, so I was alien to speed.